Vegas Baby!!!….

January 28 1:00PM - Mom came to the house to pick me up and we were so excited! The kids were at home with Zachary in charge and TJ on his way home! I kissed all the kids and away we went.  Once on the plane we were all so excited to head off! 

IMG 6796

We had some very bad turbulence on the way down to the point of the flight attendants were mid service and had to sit down in the isles and Casey and I were holding down the cart along with the two isle people behind us. Drinks were flying everywhere and everyone was pretty nervous. That called for Drinks to calm everyones nerves once it stopped! It was dark when we arrived so we got a few pictures of Vegas from the air! What a cool sight to see everything all lit up from way up high! 

IMG 6797
IMG 6798

The cab ride to the hotel was a little dodgy due to someone almost hitting our taxi, but we made it! When we were able to turn our phones back on at the airport this was the message I got from TJ

“We are learning to Juggle” Yeah like that didn’t make me a little concerned…lol.

We got all checked in, then found some dinner and drinks, then off to the strip. I went down with Tyler, Trish, Casey, Mom, Cal and Trisha’s parents and we met Melanie and Brian down there! 

Some of the group was very tired so they stayed back at the hotel to sleep but of course I was too excited and had to get out there. We walked a while until I needed a drink then found a place with giant beers! Vegas is a shock to the system you have a very easy time being over stimulated, the lights and the people can be over whelming.  

We found the M&M store right away and wow is it big 4 floors of M&M stuff! 

IMG 6847

Of course I was the one to find the single wrong coloured in the millions of M&M’s.We found a few other notable place along our walk that night.  

IMG 6853

When Mom and Cal had taken Zachary to Florida they had found a Rainforest Cafe so I thought it was pretty cool that we found one here too! Not too long after that we found the hotel again and headed off to bed!  

January 29th : AKA Zachary’s birthday.  Waking up the next day this was the view from our room! Casey and I decided to share a room to keep our costs down since neither of our husbands could come!

After having a bite to eat and a few cups of coffee we were off for the day! 

We found lots of people dressed up and you could have your picture taken with them (for a tip of course!)

While on the bus we found a Luke’s Lobster and I just had to take a picture!

After our day of shopping we went back to the hotel to shower and change for our night out at the Karaoke place 

I found the cute red dress on a super cheap sale and I just couldn’t turn it down! Tyler and I had a great time Singing on stage with the live band, we were both really nervous but so worth it! ****WATCH THE VIDEO’S BELOW!***

This is just a couple clips of what Tyler and I sang! I will post more with the pictures! But what a rush to get up on stage with the live band in VEGAS!!! We had so much fun that night! 

Casey found the Coyote Ugly Bar and what a dud! There were 4 strung out chicks dancing on the bar and the place maybe had 20 people in it. Oh well 10.00 cover not well spent lol. Then we headed back to the Hotel to sleep.

January 30th : The next day Casey headed off to get her Tattoo and the rest of us went for a walk down the strip and man is there a lot to see! 

IMG 6892
IMG 6891
IMG 6898
IMG 6901
IMG 6935
IMG 6940

About this point we all started to get hungry and low and behold our journey lead us right to a White Castle and Tyler just had to go in! 

IMG 6951

We had also found ourselves some of the giant slushy drinks with way too much alcohol!!!I think each drink had 5 shots! 

IMG 6905

We were waiting to catch up with Casey and I caught Mom and Cal having a cute moment! 

Then we headed off to the wax museum! 

IMG 6971
IMG 6977

 I think Tyler was ready for a little more excitement!

One of my Fav’s 

But I had to get this shot for my boys! 

I love that they portray her as super thin but she really wasn’t !!! They had some funny ones too like the cop car you can have your picture taken in and the pretend wedding chapel that we made Tyler and Trish stand in front of!

Then when we got back from the wax museum it was time for a nap! We were heading out for the bar hopping bus tour that night and I wanted to be ready for anything! 

We saw so much crazy stuff that night and had such a good time celebrating Tyler’s 30th Birthday!

 There were Girls Dancing in Bird Cages and on every riser it was so cool to be in that kind of environment! The party bus allowed us to make some new friends but also keep every close and on a schedule! 

IMG 7063
IMG 7066
IMG 7074
IMG 7078

All the clubs are very dark and have sticky floors some of them even squish when you walk on them! lol but the night life if like no other this is what this place looks like on a Monday! LOL

This was at the 2nd club we went to it was 12:02 when we got in and we were really hoping to be in before Tyler turned 30 but of course the guy was an ass and kept us waiting the hall! 

IMG 7096

This is on the dance floor so much fun! 

Then we headed out to the roof top Paris club which was again lots of fun! When you looked up you could see the inside of the Eiffle Tower. 

IMG 7113

The man was the bouncer very nice guy! He helped get a group of guys away from us! 

One of my favourite pictures that I took of Casey. Beautiful Sister! We got back to the hotel room about 5 am. 

3 girls

As Blurry as this picture was is pretty much how we were feeling by that point! 

Lets just put it this way this was some of the walk back … we should have taken a cab LOL

(Side Note** I’m no longer wearing shoes and walking down the strip my feet were so yucky the next morning)  

January 31: AKA Tylers actual Birthday! This day it rained all day so Casey and I took a day off and really needed it we napped and watched movies most of the day. Then in the evening we went and had dinner and then we all headed off to see Elton John … the show the night before had been cancelled due to him being sick so we were very grateful to see a show at all! 

He sang everyone favourite songs and, all and all it was a great show! We wondered around Caesars Palace for a while then headed back for a much earlier night. This night everyone headed in their own direction for dinner and Tyler and found a fancy sushi place and after being seated David Copperfield and his family came and sat next to them it was his kids birthday so they sang happy birthday and Tyler claimed it as his own! (I would have too) 

February 1: Our final day we stayed pretty close to the hotel everyone was out of energy, we had breakfast gambled a little and had cake from the cake shop! I am sure I have forgotten so much stuff and maybe I will add more but a good time was had by all. 

Oh yeah and while I was away Zachary had his 12th birthday so now we will be celebrating it this weekend! Happy 12th Birthday to Zachary and 30th to Tyler! 

A Crazy big thank you to TJ who stayed back with the kids and kept everyone safe and fed! and to Mary-lee for watching them while TJ had to work on Saturday!  

Cheers LK

© Keys 2015