Twas the night before, the night before Christmas…

The house was a buzz today, we had multiple different guests today and I was busy in the kitchen! Before anyone showed up I quickly whipped up a cake for Brodie’s Birthday tomorrow. Pictures to follow. Zachary’s Sister Alyssa was our first guest of the day and she chatted my ear all day and it was so nice to see her we spent lots of time in the kitchen today baking up a storm! We made 4 loaves of bread into christmas bread for my contribution to all the dinners we are going to!  I will be adding my spinach dip to these and they are always a hit! 

IMG 6292

After making and decorating the cake for tomorrow I had a few extra pieces after shaping the cake so I let Brodie and his buddies finish off the 3 pieces and they look like they enjoyed it!  (he boys are having a sleep over tonight since no one will ever let him have that on his actual birthday but I wouldn’t blame them and this way he gets to wake up with his friends here on his birthday!) 

Pictures of the actual Cake will be posted over the next few days! 

Cheers LK

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