Traveled to Victoria…

November 23, 2015 was my grandma Betty’s 80th Birthday, all she wanted for her birthday was to have the entire family together. She is getting up there in age and its on everyones mind that we really don’t know how many more birthday she might have. 

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So Dad decided to surprise her and take us all out to Victoria for the weekend. It was an awesome trip we got to spend some time with Grandma but we also got to see the ocean and did a bunch of sight seeing. 

I was lucky enough to be able to go through some of grandmas old pictures and we came across this one. They must have had them professionally done cause she had a few of them and she let me take this one home! Top Left is my Uncle David, Bottom Left is my Aunt Heather, Middle is My Grandma Betty and Right is my dad Mike. I can’t believe how much my Brother really looks like him from when he was a kid well all the way along! 

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This was the view out of our Hotel window. We stayed at the Best Western Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort it is located in Sooke and it was a little out of Victoria but the hotel is beautiful and very accommodating. Tyler Trish and I stayed here when my cousin Elise got married. 

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The boys had a great time putting their feet in the ocean. Maxwell had just fallen asleep so he missed out on this trip to the ocean but there were a few more! 

IMG 6150

Max loved to chase the water right up until it got him lol. All the boys had damp shoes for most of the trip. 

IMG 6152

Dad and Zach rolled that giant tree into the water it took some serious work to get it down there but they finally did it and Zach was very proud of himself! There was a sail boat race this day too! You can see them in the back ground! 

IMG 6155

Brodie found a stick and started writing his name so I quickly snapped a picture before the ocean got it! 

IMG 6115

This was as close as I got to the ocean but darn was that water cold! I ended up collecting a bunch of shells for the boys and we made is back with all of them intact I then left them on the counter and the cats got at them and broke all 4 I could have kicked the cats!!!! 

IMG 6124

We spent a bunch of time sight seeing down town and one of the things I was most looking forward doing was going to see the christmas store but like so many of the shops down there it was not open. They were going to be open the day after we left! shucks!!!!

IMG 6130

One of the first days we decided to go out for breakfast and I snapped this picture! 

IMG 6089

We checked out a few of the downtown markets and found this cute little cubby storage! We almost had to make Zachary sit in the bottom cause it wasn’t attached to the wall! Tj’s cousin Kyle lives in Victoria and came and spent the afternoon with us and it was a great little visit! 

IMG 6138

There will be more pictures to come once Dad is back in town but he had to leave sooner than he thought! When we flew back to Edmonton there was a blizzard going on and the beginning of winter temperatures! Burr. At least it’s a dry cold, I had the hardest time getting warm on the coast! I was either too hot or too cold! 

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Thanks Dad for such a wonderful trip! 

Cheers LK

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