Today Is Halloween

Good Morning Halloween…

Wishes for the day … I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. Watch out for Ghosts and Goblins, witches too, Super Heros, Princesses and the all mighty Zombie! Have fun but not too much fun and check your candy before you eat it! 

Now on with the post … Yesterday was our annual Pumpkin Carving night at my moms house and it was, like always so much fun. Max was so funny I cut some small round holes in his pumpkin and let him stick some Halloween Mr.Potato head parts into the pumpkin! At this age all the kids loved playing with their pumpkin rather than carving! 

IMG 5970

Zachary was all about the Batman and Brodie followed suite and did a big "R” for Robin! TJ wasn’t feeling good last night so decided it would be best if he stayed home, it made it a little more difficult for me but the family always helps out with the kids when I can’t be standing right next to them! Uncle Ty is often the first to help with pumpkins he loves carving pumpkins! He helped Brodie with the design on the Big “R” and Tried to give Lucas some direction on his but he just wanted to do his own thing! Luke’s looks like one of those night sky star makers!

My favourite pumpkin that I carve every year is our family name! KEYS and it always looks great! 

IMG 5972

The whole family makes at least one pumpkin unless they are sick or something like TJ this year :( I also made a sideways pumpkin this year! She looks a little tipped over but she’s owning it! 

This year like every year Mom took the time to pull out a bunch of pumpkin seeds to make treats for all those who enjoy baked pumpkin seeds! 

Zachary-Batman,  Brodie-Robin, Lucas-The Flash, Max-Robin,  TJ-Bane, Lindsay-Cat woman!  

IMG 5988

I just love how the streamers turned out and the spider made it all the more isn’t it great when things just fall into place!!! Did you get a chance to come by and see the silhouettes in the window, they were a stroke of genius a couple weeks ago I laid each of the kids down in poses and traced them, they enjoyed it too cause they got to be involved!  


IMG 5992

This was most of the kids we had at the house yesterday for the party, it was so nice that we were able to let the kids outside to play. Such great costumes! 

IMG 5990

Uncle Ty popped over in the middle of getting ready for his own hall party to come and see the kiddos and do a little Trick or Treating with them! Thanks Ty.

IMG 5999

We missed out on our family shot but this one works too. A bunch of the adults went Batman Theme for the Hall party! We had Trish-Poison Ivy, Mike-Robin, Tyler-The Riddler, Cody-Joker, TJ-Bane, Ken-Batman, and I went as Cat Woman. It was so much fun to have a group costume that just fell into place! TJ and I had planned on going as Bane and Cat Woman for a month and then everyone else just jumped on board! I still might get everyone to get back into their costumes today and try to take the picture again! Once I get all the pictures from all the kids friends I will be posting a new album too!

 Cheers LK

© Keys 2015