Summer Fun…

This summer we were so lucky to have our wonderful lake lot, it has most of the amenities of home, but not at home! We spent countless days at the lake enjoying the water, wide open space and the company of family! This summer we had planned a long 20 day vacation of traveling Alberta but 2 days before we were supposed to leave a guy rear ended Tj in the van and the vacation was off. We were not able to rent a mini van with a tow package so we decided to spend some extra time at the lake! 

IMG 0917

This is the playground/open space! 

IMG 0918

This is a view from the front drive way!

IMG 0921

And this … this is the lake, I have spent most of my summers my entire life on this lake. I have tubed, water skied, swam, fished, and pretty much any water stuff I could get my hands on! Over the past few summers I have been teaching my boys to water ski as well and what a rush to watch them get up and go! 

This is Brodie getting up on his first try, he is on a special set of skis made for kids so they don;t forget to let go! 

This is Zachary getting up and going .. he is getting really good and he just left me floating in the water! 

But my favourite part of being out at the lake is the sing- a-longs we have around the fire, with the family! 

     My favourite weekend at the lake is always the thanksgiving weekend we usually have about 50 family members that come out and we eat too much and drink … to much, but the singing always makes me so happy! I will have more posts on that next week! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there.

Cheers LK!

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