Spring 2016

Spring 2016 came early this year, we had a very warm winter this year, which meant we had very little snow this year. It was nice but worrisome for wide fires this summer. This early spring gave me the bug to get planting! 

IMG 8174


IMG 8179


IMG 8178


I also planted tomatoes, Peppers, Cauliflower, Lettuce, and Sweet peas and everything is doing great! 

This kids have also been responding to the warm temperatures and lots of sunshine cause they have all grown a half an inch in the last 2 months!  

Easter Celebrations 2016

We had a great time with the family out in Morinville with Granny and all the extended family! The Kids got to do an Easter Egg hunt out side again this year and they just love that it really feels great to see so many generations of our family all together! 

IMG 8106
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IMG 8101
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IMG 8115
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IMG 8119

Carlene was about to pop out here own little Easter Egg! April 6th she had a sweet little girl Cianna Kinley.  

IMG 8129 (2)

Thanks Aunties for set up this wonderful surprise for the kids! 

IMG 8084
IMG 8083

This year was the first year that I had some helpers decorating the cookies! 

The Lake

This year for spring break we got to have a special treat and we got to borrow the Kinsella’s Cabin! It was so peaceful out there. We had pretty much the entire area all to ourselves! The kids played in the snow the first day but then it all melted! 

IMG 8140
IMG 2002 (1)
IMG 8149

Difference of 2 days! We had such warm days that the water was running everywhere! 

IMG 8145

The nights were cool so we would hang out by the fire 

Mary Lee Joined us for a couple days and it was so nice to have some relaxed one on one time with her. We also let Zachary bring his friend Kate along and then her mom Amanda and Brother Ryley joined us a few days later and that was a great night too! 

Lots of Talking, Laughing and Wine, Rum, oh and shots of Jagermister……. OMG my head hurt the next day!  

We let the kids have a movie night and this is how we found them the next morning! 

IMG 8139
IMG 8146

One of the last nights we sat outside by the fire, we sat with blankets and many drinks and the over head heater and it didn’t even feel cold! 

Oh yeah and this is the hardest part of every day right now trying to keep this kid dressed! I am sure I dress him on average 3-5 times a day! Well I hope you have a great day!

 Cheers Lk

P.S. watch next week for Brodie’s Trip to Florida, Here is a Teaser!!!! OMG I miss my sweet boy!  


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