Rosey and Her Kittens…

On August 14th Rosey our Cat had Kittens, Two Grey and an Orange they were so helpless and small, they were cute as can be and have turned into sweet little cats they are now 9 weeks old and are ready to go to their forever home! A Friend of mine with 2 kids have decided to take the kittens. They will be leaving today and I know it will seem weird for a while but it will be good to have less cats under my feet. I’m not sure how but the boys convinced me that we need to keep one of the Kittens so we decided on another orange Kitten and we named him Simba like the Lion on Lion King! He is so sweet and the Calmest of the bunch. He is growing like crazy and its almost time to take him in for his shots and to have him “fixed.” The first picture is of Simba when he was first born. 

IMG 1680
IMG 1679
IMG 1678

 The second picture is of Rosey nursing her kittens and the next picture is of the 3 kittens.

IMG 1734

In this shot the kittens are about 6 weeks old an at that point had just learned to jump or climb up on our bed! 

IMG 5836

These are the sisters and boy are they cute! They are the best of friends and I’m so glad they are going together They are so long and lanky and have not filled in yet. The top one has amazing markings with her cute little white face and amazing tummy markings, she actually has orange spots throughout her head and back. The dark grey one is very alike with Rosey in her patterns except in Grey! 

I took this picture last night just to show how much he has grown and it’s a lot! He loves to sit on my knee and snuggle! 

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