Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving this past weekend many Canadians celebrated the thanksgiving holiday. Families came together and were grateful for one another, for food, for the laughter in their lives, and so many other wonderful things. This year I am Grateful for being taught to Can and preserve our fruits and vegetables. It is something that is “going out of style” and not very many people know how to do it. It also meant I got to spend a few pretty awesome days with my mom busy in the kitchen, but we laughed and talked and really enjoyed our selves! 

IMG 5888

This year I was feeling creative and made these cards to hand out to a few special people! I have a few more to give away with some special treats attached!  

IMG 5854
IMG 5855

 Most Thanksgiving dinners for us are about 45 people but this year we only hag about 33 so we only needed 4 tables most years it’s 6, but I just thought I would post some pictures of the tables! I am always in charge of the decorating and I absolutely love it! This year all the kids were a little chilly so they came in to warm up and were helping unload all the boxes of decorations! Dinner was delicious as always but with less people able to come there was so much left over!!! I got to bring home enough turkey to make soup! On Saturday My cousin, my granny and I all made pumpkin pies! 12 to be exact, Best part is there were a few pies left over so I got to take one home with me! 

IMG 3315

These were just some cute little pumpkin treats for all the helpers on Saturday  (To use up the extra pie crust!) What a cute display for the veggies! Here Turkey, Turkey …..

Every Fall we have to take our docks and boat lift out of the lake so I had by camera handy so I grabbed a few quick shots of the lake! 

These are all leaves that have fallen into the water…

Zachary and my Brother Tyler posing after other people got the work done. Haha! 

Our Hard workers … 

IMG 5849

Across the lake …

The shore line has receded so much this year it has just been so dry. The lake has gone way down lets hope we get lots of snow to help bring back the water! 

Max and his cousin were paying in the sand box (same sandbox I played in when I was his age!) Maxwell was having an allergic reaction and we finally had it under control so he finally got to go outside and play. 

The kids all took turns being the driver! THEY LOVED IT! 

IMG 5860

IMG 5862

Since it is mid October and the nights get chilly we build a “wall” around the large fire pit so the wind won’t blow on our backs and so the heat will bounce back at us! Tyler loves to build the fire up nice and high and keep us all nice and warm sometimes too warm. Haha. 

Max and Mommy snuggling by the fire…

Right to Left …

Brodie, Zachary, William, Lucas, and then Tyler G 

Ty and Trish …

I just love leaves they remind me that sometimes you need to let go of things and let them blow in the wind, because sometime soon you will have a new opportunity to try again! 

Then we get to my favourite part of the Thanksgiving celebration! 

IMG 1759

These guys and usually a few more play guitar while we all sing songs! 

Cheers LK!

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