Happy Mother’s Day 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s, I had a very interesting Mother’s day weekend! It was most defiantly not my typical relaxing weekend with my kids. I did spend lots of time with the kids but we were volunteering to help out all the people displaced by the Fort Mac Forest Fires. Friday the kids were off school and I spent the entire day baking cookies and decorating cookies! The plan for them was for the volunteers and all the people who donated for our Community Park Collection Drive! We managed to Raise over $500.00 and got a TRUCK load of supplies for all those effected! I managed to get sun burnt (The kids had sun screen on) but it was a beautiful day spent with good people! Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to help collect, and all the people that DONATED!!!My Friend Melanie who is down in Texas decided she wanted to donate supplies sent me $300.00 so off to Costco I went to get toothbrushes, Tooth paste, Deodorant, food Supplies, I spent every thing but 0.01 cent! Thank you for donating from so far away!  

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I then Woke up very early on Sunday morning (Mother’s Day) to help Tyler (My Brother) with his charity fundraiser for a Pancake Breakfast! We didn’t get as many people out as we would have liked but they still managed to raise a few hundred dollars and fed a bunch of people! Thank you to all that came out to donate their time and money! 

Over the past week  I have seen so many people coming together to help the displaced/evacuated people of our province. I am so PROUD to see my Family and Friends working so hard to help all the Fort Mac people out! The Fires burned a lot of the city and not everyone is sure if they even have homes to go home to???  #AlbertaStrong!  IF we can all just stick together we will be able to help these people out for a long time their city and homes will need to be rebuilt! 

I did manage to have a wonderful dinner with Mary Lee and Kim although mom is away on a trip to Nashville to stock the house so they are driving down! The Kids helped with the potatoes, mmmm baked potatoes! Tj brought home steak MaryLee brought a salad and Kim Brought Dessert. It was a delicious dinner! I got spoiled with a new Bird feeder for the Yard! I love watching the birds! 

Cheers LK 

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day ! 

© Keys 2015