Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween …well soon.  Halloween sprung up in my house while I was away at work for a few hours, I came home to the front yard turned into a graveyard, and spiders climbing the house! Inside was decorated too! This year we have planned a kids Halloween party, having 4 boys usually means we have a bunch of others come along with us anyway so this seems like a good way to go! I hand made Invitations this year cause I just love to do it! 

This is the cover 

IMG 5893

I ended up making 15 so here is a shot of a couple…

This is with the card attached…

IMG 5897

This one is showing the fact that I had to put a matching lite colour other than black on the inside too so you could read the information about the party.

IMG 5898

This is my halloween banner that I made a couple years back and I just love the colours! 

There will be way more posts about Halloween coming soon so keep checking in with us!

 Cheers LK!

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