Happy Birthday Maxwell … You’re 2!!!

January 14th,2016

I can’t believe that 2 years ago today we welcomed into our family 

 Mr. Maxwell Thomas Keys  he is a sweet loving boy to his momma but not a lot of other people,unless I’m not around! 

Max loves snuggling with his brothers and playing with the kittens! He is really enjoying his new stuffed puppy he got for christmas it tells him his name and his favourite colour, animals and sings him songs! 

IMG 4966
IMG 6340

I thought I would include some amazing shots that were taken just a few days after he was born by our dear friend Ashley! 

IMG 1075
IMG 1074
IMG 1071

I love the little Half smile! (GAS) Haha

IMG 1070

Serious Cowboy! 

IMG 1073

Squishy kissing LIPS!!!

I have been thinking about it for a few days and I have come to a conclusion that I am really proud that I was able to have a home birth and Catch Max Myself! I really want to share what our Birth Photographer managed to catch! 

***There are no crotch shots*** 

***If you are squeamish don’t watch! I did push a baby out!! There is not going to be blood cause its in the water!***

***IT happens between 43 seconds and 49 Seconds.

After having 4 Babies Home Birth is the way to go! 

Happy Birthday to my sweet Baby Max! Mommy and Daddy Love you so much! 

Cheers LK

© Keys 2015