Halloween Cookies…

     Every year and every holiday I have gotten into the habit of making sugar cookies for the kids for school parties. This year is no different, I have so many cookie cutters now and love all the different shapes I can make. The dollar store always brings in holiday themed ones and I can get 3 for $1.00 so it’s a great way to add to my collection. This year I made Cats, pumpkins, and skeleton faces, the kids are going to love them! (They always do.) This is my first year that I got to make enough for 3 classes of kids and the first go round I made 3 batches and realized I needed a few more or I would not have any at the house for eating and they just would not fly!!! So I quickly whipped up 3 more batches so I would have some for the parties too! I have a little more decorating to do on them but one 1 am it was time to let them dry and head off to bed! 

I love how the icing smooths it self out and leave a beautiful finish! 

    The kids are so excited for halloween and their party we have started to put together games and fun for all the kids! I just have to make up our treat bags, This year we decided to participate in the TEAL pumpkin Group. All you have to do is paint a pumpkin TEAL and have “Treats” that are not food products. I have picked up some halloween pencils, spider rings and some awesome vampire teeth that glow in the dark! I think they will be a great treat for all the kids that can’t have candy due to allergies!  We always hand out Peanut Free Candy due to Zachary’s peanut allergy, but I know there are kids that have  more serious allergies than him! I hope there are lots of houses that will participate this year! I will be posting more once Halloween is closer! If you have any questions about the Teal Pumpkin Group Just ASK!

Cheers LK

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