Cookie’s with Mom and Melanie!

Christmas Cookie baking days are one of my favourite Christmas Traditions! Every year my mom and I get together and bake for the entire day, we make many type of cookies, Dad’s, rocks, tollhouse, ginger snaps, shortbread! We talk and laugh and really enjoy being together! This year has been so busy that she took a day off from work and I pulled the kids out of school (Some were already not feeling too good)  and we baked up a storm.

IMG 6211
IMG 6214

IMG 6213

About half way through the day I got a wonderful surprise, one of my best friends, Melanie, who has just recently moved to Texas came into town to surprise some family for Christmas and she thought it would be a great present for me too. Which it was, mom and I had a great visit with Mel and she got to help out which made our lives easier too! 

Thanks for the visit Mel!

Cheers LK

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