Christmas With The Tree Family, Santa’s Anonymous, Bits and Bites, and Gingerbread Houses! 

     Sunday was a very busy day! First we had brunch with the Tree side of the family. Everyone got all dressed up and Grandpa and Grandma Spoiled us with a champagne brunch at the Merriot Hotel over looking the river valley!

Breakfast with a view

The room was beautiful, the view was beautiful and the people were beautiful! It was so nice to see this side of the family because we don’t have many opportunities to see them, every one has busy lives so it’s nice to see everyone especially this time of year! All the kids have grown and changed so much! 

IMG 1549
IMG 1570
IMG 1574
IMG 1578
IMG 1575

All 4 boys got presents that they love, a big Thank you To Grandpa and Grandma! 

On the way home from our christmas Brunch we met up with my mom Sandy and she let each of the kids pick out a toy that they would want for christmas, she also got them to pick out a toy for Aurora and Ryder my niece and nephew and then donated all the toys to Santa’s Anonymous, with the recession in place there is a huge need for anyone that can help out, please do!  Also the food bank is in short supply so grab a couple things extra on your next shopping trip! Most of the stores have boxes right there or when you go to many of the christmas things they have donation boxes out for you! Santa’s Anonymous

Back to our busy day! Tj jumped into making his Bits and Bites as soon as dinner was done. Boy did it turn out good the kids have been gobbling it up! 

IMG 6229
IMG 6226

Brodie was my helper for a few of the pictures! 

While that was going on the boys and I decorated our Gingerbread houses! This is something that we usually do with Rick and Janet but this year they are going to be traveling for christmas, so I know how much the kids love to do it so I got busy and baked all the gingerbread last week and we get all the Candy decorations up last night! 

Lindsay’s Gingerbread House 

Brodie’s Gingerbread House 

Zachary’s Gingerbread House 

Lucas’ Gingerbread House 

IMG 6255

Merry Christmas and Cheers! LK

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