Christmas with the Keys Family! 

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas in our house is a 3 day event! 

We start Christmas Eve with Brodie’s Birthday every year and that usually goes till about 4pm and then we move on to Christmas. 

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We headed out to Morinville to celebrate with my Grannies side of the family, we all gather at a hall and enjoy the company of cousins, aunts, and uncles. We spend most of the summer with them every weekend so its nice to see them in the winter as well. On our way home from there we picked up Zachary who was with his Dad and Amanda. We got the boys all tucked in after setting out the milk and cookies for SANTAand then we wait …. and wait … and wait till they are good and asleep. TJ and I sat down and enjoyed a drink and christmas movie (or so he claimed it was a “Christmas” movie. I was hoping for Rudolph but we actually watched the Ref?  I painted my nails and just relaxed it was nice to just be the 2 of us! 

Christmas Day!

TJ and I woke up at 7 to silence none of the children were awake yet. So I called my Dad and told him the kids should be up shortly and if he would like to come and see it all he should hurry! I put on the coffee and double checked SANTA’s placement of the presents and little Max started to stir so I scooped him up and brought him down stairs and all he wanted to do was watch TV lol so we gave him 5 minutes of TV wake up time and then started banging around trying to wake the others! It didn’t take long and the rest joined him in the living room and the chaos ensued! The stockings were opened and then Grandpa Mike joined us. 

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We all got Spoiled by my dad, I got a ticket to see Elton John in Vegas ( I am going for Tyler’s Birthday at the end of January) and Ty and Trish got that too! We had one slight fail with Zachary’s nock off rubric’s cube he attempted to turn it and it all fell apart in his hand! 

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Max was our wild card this year cause the present opening only held his attention for so long and then he wanted to play so we just let him do what he wanted and figured if everyone else was done opening we would let him keep going the next day! 

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Luke was busy opening his stocking presents and spreading the paper far and wide! 

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Brodie decided to tuck himself into the corner with the couch so he wasn’t in a lot of the pictures buts here is one with Dad and I’m just trying to keep the paper under control!  

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The boys love Minecraft and i think it was there favourite presents cause they all got one but here is the sword battle that broke out!

Once all … or most of the presents were open we headed over to my Mom’s place for round 2, we opened more presents and had a great brunch it was nice to be able to catch Ty and Trish before they moved on to the next house! 

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It was so nice cause this year was our year with Granny!!!

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After Moms house we headed home for a quick shower and change into fancy clothes for christmas dinner and Then we headed out to Aunty Cindy and Uncle Thomas’ House(Round 3)  to have a quick visit with TJ’s side of the family. We spent about 2 hours with them so we could see Grandma who got a quick short visit pass to leave the extended care facility. It was so nice to see everyone. Then we went on to round 4 Dinner at Tyler’s house! We had a fantastic dinner everything was so yummy! Now to start my diet lol or better yet back to healthy eating and exercise every day! 

Boxing Day! 

We started out the day with some very Lazy kids most of the boys didn’t get out of bed till about 10 AM, we quickly fed them and then head out to do a little shopping, we dropped off our turkeys and other stuff and then head out to Uncle Doug and Aunt Julia’s place to spend another day with Family! The boys Skated most of the afternoon and then we played games and enjoyed everyones company! It was a wonderful relaxing day! 

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 Uncle Doug and Tyler Gidney built the Kids a full size Ice rink out on the farm! Most of the Adults and Kids hung out and warmed up in “The Rum Room” which is the Bar they built on the property! Their House is not quite finished being built but by next year it will be ready! I will have a few more pictures to put up in a few days but until next time. Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year! All the best in 2016! 

Cheers LK 

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