Christmas Concert 2015!!!

I grabbed a couple videos of the kids christmas concert. It is one more of my favourite traditions, TJ and I go together in the afternoon and then I go again in the evening all by myself well usually with Mike and Amanda but I’m not sure I even blink much less notice other people are there!  This year Zachary got to play a huge roll in the play, they put on these productions that include all the classes singing songs that go with the play. It is always so cute!  

Brodie’s class on the right singing for Zachary and the rest of the cast members to dance ! (Brodie is bottom row 3 in from the left)

The Cast of the play is dancing the cadillac Ranch to the Calgary portion of the show! (Zach is in the blue plaid shirt)

Lucas’ Class singing I don’t wanna grow up, don’t wanna grow up. (Luke is in the second row far Left)

A small clip of the parts that Zachary got to speak! 

I love watching the videos from the years before.

Merry Christmas Cheers LK 

© Keys 2015