31 Day Challenge … Lets Get Organized!

 For the past week I have be partaking in a 31 day challenge that helps you get Organized by Peter Walsh , Lately I have felt a little lost on all the things that need to get done around the house. We have had some of our major appliances break down and that has caused some major back ups in our house hold chores. Our Dishwasher Broke in August and we were unable to have it fixed until late September and then Mid October our dryer broke so I was without a dryer for almost 2 weeks. One of the two weeks we had a sick puking baby so you can imagine the laundry that piled up quickly! Now that it is back up and running I have managed over the last 2 days to completely catch up with the help of the Challenge. It keeps you motivated. 

Day 1 - is Laundry … Fold and put away all the clean laundry you have sitting around in baskets or on the floor.  I had a little help on this one TJ managed to get 3 loads washed and dried for me and hung a bunch of the hanging clothing. He also made 4 trips upstairs to get all the stuff that was already on the hanging rack upstairs! The wicker basket holds all my extra hangers, the cloth bin on the floor is to go out to the lake lot it has all our jackets and sheets for out there. The blue bin in the corner is full of socks! The top shelf holds our sheets and a few other bits and bites that are lacking for a real home! 


Day 2 - Master Bedroom … Remove all the things that don’t belong in your room and make it into somewhere you can letdown and relax and fall asleep in comfort. 


Day 3 - Set up a Donation bin and place 2 items in the bin for donation! It could be a box or a laundry basket just somewhere you will know where to put those donation items you don’t need any more! 


Day 4 - Tackle your placemats, table cloths, and napkins. Find a place to keep them all together and organized! 


See the cloth bin at the bottom of the closet … all the table cloths, napkins and placemats are in there. 

Day 5 - Inspect the lower third! Everyone has piles of clothes, many that you just don’t wear this is the chance to let go of those items that you don’t really love or even like. PUT THAT DONATION BIN TO WORK! Turn all your hung up clothes on hangers around and when you wear an item hang the hanger the right way at the end of 6 or 12 months ditch the items that have never been turned cause you don’t wear them! Mark the Calendar for 6-12 months as a reminder! 


These are my donation and “Lower Third” bins once they are full they get donated I think they are ready for donation! 

Day 6 - Demolish just one stack anywhere in your home! Look around and find that stack of items that you have been meaning to deal with sometime ‘Later”, I chose a large stack that I am still working on and will post a picture next week when it’s complete.

Day 7 - Conquer all your plastic food containers.  Find all the matches and then toss the rest! *RULE no more than 15 Containers* I was really lucky on this one cause I had just gone through them all and got ride of so many mismatched items! 

I have 2 drawers in the kitchen for these. It looks like I need to get a new set the kids must have gone through lots lately! 

Day 8-15 will be posted next week!

© Keys 2015